Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1 Malaysia..

i don't know why i push you
maybe because i care so much for you
but you don't feel the same way that i do
an it hurts me more than you ever knew.

i'm sorry that i walked away
it happens to me almost every day
but you don't have to feel anyway
coz it's me that will cry at the end of the day.

maybe this is just the way i am
and to be honest, yeah - i am ashamed
just like you, i just wanna be happy
but you're not like me, you're not the one to make me happy.

i know that you just don't care
and take me as i even barely there
too bad i can not say the same
you've become a huge part of me, what a shame.

i try to move on, i try to change
but somehow i still don't get the chance
one day for sure i will be happy
and i will thank God that you will not be there to hurt me.

created by: Someone's hurted

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